Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Artist-Healer Circle (on LilyWheel Slide)

(image credit:  Hali Karla)
I just watched the first Artist-Healer interview on my friend Hali Karla's blog.  Hali is running a brand new series called the Artist-Healer Circle.  She will feature interviews and wisdom by creative healers three to four times per month on her blog.  For more information, you can see Hali's description and passion for this new series here.  You can also sign up for Hali's newsletter, which I highly recommend.  Before we know it, Hali is going to be the interviewed, instead of the interviewer.  This woman has something amazing to offer the world, and she is just about to find her way.
Also, I must mention that Hali is teaching her first online course through Wild:  The Way of the Wild Woman's Creative Heart.  Here's Hali's promo video.

To sign up for Wild, which begins Monday, March 26th, go here!  You can also see more videos from some of the 11 teachers contributing to Wild!  WooHoo!  Women are awesome, especially the deep, spiritual, creative, and nature lovin' ones!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Two Week Wait-What I've Been Up To

If you've been following my blog for awhile, or just pop in now and again, you may know that something HUGE recently happened in my life.  My husband and I went through the IVF process in order to conceive.  You can see my previous post here.  You can read my fertility journey here.  
Right now I am in what is called the "two week wait".  Technically, I only have to wait 12 days, but that is close enough to two weeks, if you ask me.  
I thought I would share what I've been up to in order to pass the time and keep myself staying healthy and positive.

 Enjoying the miracle of nature

 Capturing a game of peek-a-boo between cat and owner

 Working in my visual journal for Judy Wise's online class

 Finding faces in my food and photographing it for Elevate the Ordinary with Andrea Scher.  (I see a new session will be starting in June of 2012.)
 Visiting the doctor's office (for the transfer of two beautiful embryos)

Writing in my journal with my Believe bracelet on. 

 Photographing a beautiful papaya only discover that I shouldn't eat it.

 Getting lots of cuddle time with the cats.

 Sitting outside in the beautiful weather with my iphone, doing a little iPhoneography.

 Drinking lots of water.

 Wearing comfortable shoes.

 Taking a self-portrait here and there.

 Enjoying a little treat.

Staying in awe of beauty and nature.

 Hanging out with my mom.

(photo credit:  Dave Fredkove)

Acting silly with the guys!
(photo credit:  Dave Fredkove)

 Photographing the silly guys enjoying life and having fun!

Thank you Universe and all others who are here with me on this journey.  
Life is beautiful, amazing, wonderful, spectacular, and I am so happy to be here.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Ok!  Here we go!  We are all on a journey.  My journey toward motherhood is moving quickly, and I am so, so excited!  I am pregnant with hope, beauty, and LOVE.  Soon two little embryos will be placed carefully and lovingly in my womb.  I am in awe.  I am blissed out at the possibility of being pregnant, and being a mother.  This has been an amazing journey that has taught me how to become closer to myself, my dreams, my husband, and most importantly, to God/Great Spirit/Creator of All.  We are all One.  I feel that so deeply now.  There is no question.  The Universe truly does work with us when are open to receiving guidance and help.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am still asking for help, guidance, good energy, and connection, as the journey is ongoing.  I feel so blessed to be where I am at right now.  Believe.

The "BELIEVE" bracelet I am wearing in the above photo arrived just in time for my egg retrieval.  Robin Norgren is the artist.  You can see her Well of Creations Etsy shop here!  

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh, The Things You Can Do in a Week

Paint your heart out

Visit your personal library and swoon over delicious books

Drive to work really early on a snowy, snowy morning

Visit the city and snap a few photos

Celebrate a special birthday

Drink tea, while thinking about light

Capture color and circles in one spot

Support the local scrapbook store and sneak a few colorful photos while you're at it

Make fresh juice that is SO yummy it is hard to describe

Document the ordinary parts of life, while playing with your iphone photo apps

Get those darn split ends cut OFF


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