Friday, August 31, 2012

A Scary Day, But One Full of Blessings (Part II)

My sweet husband drove me to the hospital after the accident.  All the while he was making me laugh and reassuring me that everything would be okay with our baby boy.  That was blessing number six. When we got to the hospital, I checked in and gave the very kind woman my information, along with the claim information from my auto insurance.  Having good insurance was blessing number seven.  Once admitted to the maternal assessment center, I was hooked up to a heart rate monitor for the baby.  I kept hearing these loud thumps among the beeps of the heart beat.  I asked, "Are those kicks?"  I could feel them as I was hearing them, which was awesome.  The nurse confirmed that they were indeed kicks from the baby.  She said moms only feel about 40% of their baby's movements at 27 weeks, so not to be alarmed if I hear something, but don't feel it at the same time.  Hearing this information and my baby kicking, along with his strong heart beat were blessings number eight, nine, and ten!  The way the nurses greeted me and talked to me throughout my stay in the maternal assessment center was with kindness and genuine concern.  That was blessing number eleven.  Thank you good and kind nurses!!!  I also had to have my blood taken for a test to check for fetal blood cells mixed with my blood cells.  This test would indicate if there was injury and bleeding from the baby.
My husband and I found out that I had to be monitored for a full four hours.  Upon hearing that news, it seemed like forever, as we still had to figure out how to get my smashed up car home, as well as the vehicle my husband was driving.  We were overwhelmed to say the least.  Not only do we live far away from where we were, we were scheduled to come back to the hospital that evening for our first parenting prep class on breastfeeding.
We came up with a plan.  First, breakfast.  Tom, my adorable husband, found some healthy food for me to eat from the hospital cafeteria.  His thoughtfulness and kindness to do this was blessing number twelve.  Before he left, the nurse told me that I could order lunch and gave me a menu.  All I had to do was choose what I wanted and call the code on the menu with the hospital phone.  Knowing I'd have lunch to eat was blessing number thirteen.  (I know that may sound funny, but I was never good at missing meals, and since I've been pregnant, it's been even more important to me to eat on schedule.)
Tom then left to drive the broken car home for a bit to try to get some work done.  He was planning to pick me up at 1pm from the hospital.
In the mean time, I got a hold of my mom and sister who happened to be together.  That was blessing number fourteen.  (My mom would have totally freaked out hearing me say that I was at the hospital due to a car accident, so luckily I got to talk to my sister first.  She was able to keep my mom calm.)  My mom and sister wanted to help in any way that they could.  That was blessing number fifteen.  My sister helped me come up with a new plan so Tom could stay home and work, then meet me later, closer to our class time.  She volunteered to pick me up from the hospital at 1pm.  I tried to call Tom, who told me to call or text anytime.  I called and called and called.  I sent him a text.  This went on for about two hours.  I heard nothing, except his voicemail greeting, over and over, each time I called him. I was nervous that something happened to him when he was driving the broken car.  I was nervous that he had left his phone in his truck upon switching vehicles.  I was nervous that he had his phone, but his ringer was still on silent from when he was at the hospital with me.
So it was almost 1pm, and I still hadn't been able to get ahold of Tom.  My sister was coming to pick me up.  I told her that I couldn't get a hold of Tom to tell him the new plan.  She said, "I'll come anyway.  If it's a wasted trip, it's not a big deal".  That was blessing number sixteen.  Finally, just before 1pm, I got a call on my cell phone from Tom.  He asked if I had called from the hospital phone, which I had many times because my cell phone battery was getting low.  I asked if he was at home.  He said yes.  I told him it was almost 1pm.  He said, "Oh shit!"  I told him not to worry because my sister was picking me up and taking me to my mom's.  The fact that he was still at home was blessing number seventeen.  
My sister arrived and helped me think clearly.  That was blessing number eighteen. She suggested that I try to reschedule our breastfeeding class.  I was nervous about missing out, as the classes tend to fill up fast.  My sister was persistent however.  I told her I would try to do that once we got to mom's.
The nurse came in to give me the reports of the monitoring and blood test.  She said that the blood test came back negative, which was good.  Big blessing number nineteen!!!  She told me that the baby reassured her over and over throughout the four hours of monitoring that he was doing well.  Big blessing number twenty!!!!  She also said to watch for any new pains, bleeding, or discomfort, but usually the first four hours after a trauma was when negative signs would show up.  After 24 hours, I am in the same place of risk as any other pregnant woman would be.

So, I was discharged from the hospital with good news about my baby!!!  Thank goodness!  I was told to expect some soreness in my neck, shoulders and back, and to take it easy over the next several days.
My sister and I went to my mom's.  She gave me a big hug.  Seeing and hugging my sister and mom was blessing number twenty-one.  I was able to reschedule my breastfeeding class without any trouble.  That was blessing number twenty-two.  My sister drove me home and offered to help get all of the vehicles we needed back to our house.  She was so sweet and kind to do all of that driving around for us.  She and Tom took care of the vehicles and I got to rest in my own bed.  Those were blessings number twenty-three and twenty-four.  

The day was long, scary, and exhausting, but I do feel so relieved and grateful for all of the blessings I have in my life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I am so glad my baby is okay and that I have such a loving family.  I can't wait for my little guy to meet everyone.

If you made it to the end of this story, congratulations.  I appreciate your kindness and good thoughts.  If you are the praying and vibe sending type, please send some our way, as I am about to enter my last trimester of pregnancy!!!!  I am thrilled beyond words.  Thanks again for being here, and reading my story.
May blessings and goodness shower you!
Hugs to you,

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Scary Day, But One Full of Blessings

I thought today was just going to be a normal one.  Instead, I got into a car accident on my way to work at 6:05am.  I've been making this commute for years and have never been in an accident.  I have driven in too many rush hours to count, and I have never been in an accident.  Today, I rear ended the person in front of me in early morning rush hour traffic.  It felt terrible.  It all happened so fast.  I tried to stop.  I tried to not hit the car in front of me, but it was unavoidable.  Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.    That was blessing number one.  The driver of the other vehicle and I got out of our cars to see if we were all okay.  He was nice and told me that traffic is terrible on this road.  He didn't make me feel like a piece of crap or a stupid driver.  That was blessing number two.  I called 911.  The state patrol came to help us exchange information.  The state patrol officer was to the point, but nice.  That was blessing number three.  I asked him if it was safe to drive my car.  He said I'd hear some rubbing against my tire from the broken plastic.  He recommended that I take the next exit and assess the damage further.  I got a hold of my husband, who was home, and heard his phone.  That was blessing number four.  My husband was really kind, reassured me that I am a good driver, and that everything was going to be okay.  That was blessing number five.  While I waited for my husband to meet me and take a look at my car, I made several phone calls to my workplace, the insurance company, and to my doctor's office.  The nurse called me back shortly.  She said that the doctor wanted me to come in to be monitored.  As many of you know, I am 27 weeks pregnant, so I was quite worried about the baby.
Let me say that all is well.  I am counting my blessings today.  I am too tired to list them all right now.
How about you?  Story to be continued . . .

Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby Boy

I know it has been FOREVER since my last blog post.  I thought it might be fun to start with the good stuff.  We've been working toward getting the nursery ready for our baby boy who is due in November.    We've also been trying to enjoy the summer and spend some quality time together before our baby arrives.  

 My very talented mother painted our nursery walls with birch trees and this northern flicker woodpecker and monarch butterfly.  I adore them.

My belly is growing, and I am loving feeling the baby kick!  I am currently six and a half months pregnant.  Woohoo!  I am still amazed to be in this place (healthy and pregnant).  I feel so happy, grateful, and blessed.

How are you? What have you been doing that makes you feel happy and inspired?  I'd love to hear from you.


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