Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Journal Pages (In Stages)

These pages were done for Juliana Coles' class called "Initiation".  I started out with stenciled and spray painted images, then worked with text and paint from there.  Any first reactions?  Thoughts?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Self-Portrait Today

I am reading Wide Open by Randi Feuerhelm-Watts.  Does anyone know if she is still making art?  I could only find things by her from 2009, with the exception of a photo book about graffiti, called Street Level.  Randi, if you are out there, say "hello"!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Photo Fun

Every now and then I remember how fun it is to use my phone apps on my camera.  That IS the main reason I wanted an iphone.  I need to take more photos with it and post them here.  What's your favorite iphone app?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Header

I made a painting this morning based on an idea I had upon waking. I liked it so much that I used part of it as my new header for this blog.  For those of you who were here looking at the header from yesterday, which one do you like better?
Thanks for sharing your opinions!

                                          ART, BOOKS, AND INSPIRAITON
Header from Saturday (No. 1)

Header from Today (No. 2)

Which one do you like better?

I appreciate your feedback.

This is the painting.  I am not sure if it is finished yet, but I am enjoying it as is right now.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I finally updated my OrangeSpiral Etsy shop.  I actually have several new things to add, too, but I haven't taken the photos yet.  I will do that this weekend and post some note cards and postcards featuring my original photographs from my recent trip Up North.

Thank you for taking a peek.  If you like something, let me know. If you'd like to see something specific in my shop, I'd love to hear that, too.

Full Tilt Boogie-Sewn Chains Binding

Hi All,
I've been fully taken by Mary Ann Moss' Full Tilt Boogie class.  This week I made another journal that she teaches in the class.  It uses Keith Smith's sewn chains binding technique.  Mary Ann said it was easy, but I really didn't believe her until I tried it myself. Guess what?  I can say with a smile that it actually was easy!  It is also very beautiful.  Here are a few pictures of my journal.

The cover is an old library book.  The library pocket is still attached to the back!  I just love that!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Class Pet

I am not one who typically likes small pets, like gerbils, hamsters, or fish.  However, I was taken by our new class pet right away because of its amazing colors.  I particularly like its colors when I use funked out photo apps and my iphone camera.  Here are a few quick snaps of "Rosie".

By the way, after the children named the fish "Rosie", the teachers read "Male Beta" on it's original jar.  OOPS!  The children will never know, right?


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