Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tulips Make Me Happy

Hi All,
I hope you all have been well.  I apologize for the lack of updates lately on the blog.  Sometimes life is just a little crazy, if you know what I mean.
Something good I can share are a few photos of some beautiful tulips given to me and my husband by his mom, right from her garden.  I just love the shape of their petals, as well as the beautiful mix of colors.  Does anyone know if these are a special kind of tulip?
Enjoy for now.  I hope to be back soon.
PS  What have you been up to lately?


Lynn Fisher said...

Gorgeous tulips! There are so many kinds of them. My favorite are the Parrot Tulips, that are ruffled and multi-hued. Yours...I'm not sure.
Been getting ready for relatives

~hali said...

beautiful pics, Briana. thinking of you. :)

Ophelia said...

Great photos. Your blog is so very inspiring.

L; said...

Tulips are so awesome :) Lovely pictures!
PS: Hello from Exploring the Senses :)


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