Monday, May 21, 2012

This and That on a Monday

I have been enjoying the sunny days here in Minnesota.  I have a great chair to sit in on our back patio. My cat enjoys the R&R, too.  

 If you do not know Orly Avineri, you've got to check out her blog and her NEW BOOK called One Artist Journal.  It is based on her visual journals that she has added to digitally, via Photoshop.  The book is fantastic.  It is colorful, wise, and has many interesting graphic elements, which makes her style  unique.  I would love to see her physical journals first hand, as they are the source for her digital work featured in this book.  You can purchase the book from Orly's blog (which supports her the most), or you can buy it from

One more cat photo

So, I have a question for you:  Can you make your eyelids do what I've done here?  I mean, WOW!  I am fascinated.  If you can do it, too, leave a comment and a link to your photo.  If you just want to post a funny face and share your link, that would be great, too!

PS  I am 12 weeks pregnant now.  I have had many complications from the loss of Baby B, but the OB says that she thinks all will be well.  If you have been sending good vibes and/or prayers, THANK YOU!  Please keep them coming.  The doctor says we will know for sure around 18-20 weeks how things are actually going for Baby A, but all looks great right now!


Kimberly B said...

My eyelids do not do that :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

my heart just
turned a summersault
on reading that
you're preggers!!!!
oh happy dance:)
so SO glad and grateful
and, yes,
prayers for a joyful carry
and peace be
the journey:)

Lynn Fisher said...

Wonderful news again...and many prayers. These photos are wonderful!...and you got Orly's book SO fast!!! I can't wait!

Introverted Art said...

The eyelid move is very impressive and I will send thousands of good vibes everyday for you and baby A.


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