Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Artist-Healer Circle (on LilyWheel Slide)

(image credit:  Hali Karla)
I just watched the first Artist-Healer interview on my friend Hali Karla's blog.  Hali is running a brand new series called the Artist-Healer Circle.  She will feature interviews and wisdom by creative healers three to four times per month on her blog.  For more information, you can see Hali's description and passion for this new series here.  You can also sign up for Hali's newsletter, which I highly recommend.  Before we know it, Hali is going to be the interviewed, instead of the interviewer.  This woman has something amazing to offer the world, and she is just about to find her way.
Also, I must mention that Hali is teaching her first online course through Wild:  The Way of the Wild Woman's Creative Heart.  Here's Hali's promo video.

To sign up for Wild, which begins Monday, March 26th, go here!  You can also see more videos from some of the 11 teachers contributing to Wild!  WooHoo!  Women are awesome, especially the deep, spiritual, creative, and nature lovin' ones!

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~hali said...

(((bows in gratitude))) *blushing* gratitude, i might add. ;-) thank you, dear friend for these kind words of support for my projects and site!!! you are the greatest! can't wait to play in WILD!


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