Friday, February 17, 2012

Some Paintings In Progress and Detail Photos

I am taking Bloom True with Flora Bowley.  I am learning so much, and we are only finishing up our second week.  If you click the above links, you are sure to be inspired.

Here's my work for the class so far.  I am working on two large canvases (roughly 3'x4').

Layer 2 on Painting no. 2 

Layer 1 on Painting no. 1 

This is a kitty paw print.  Someone else in the house also likes to paint, I guess. 

Painting no. 1 

Layer 2 on Painting no. 1 

Layer 3 on Painting no. 2 

 Detail on no. 2
 Detail on no. 2
 Detail on no. 2
Detail on no. 2


Kim Gann said...

I Love these!!! I hope to take her e-course in June.

Maggie said...

Very cool ... don't know much about her class, but it sounds like you're having a good time!


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