Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Two Thanksgivings

My husband and I went to two Thanksgiving meals on Thanksgiving Day.  We went to my grandma's house for a 1 o'clock meal, then to his parents' house for a 6 o'clock meal.  The meals were quite different, which we were very thankful for.  Here are a few photos from Thanksgiving at two households in the midwestern part of the USA.

 A fresh salad with pomegranate seeds and persimmon fruit.

 Carrots and rutabagas cooked to perfection.

 The table setting at my Grandma's house.

 The table setting at my in-laws' house.

 Here is my plate of food from my Grandma's house.
This food is traditional for me and my family.  We grew up eating this same thing nearly every Thanksgiving.

This is my sweety carving the turkey at his parents' house.  The dog is quite interested.  

If you are from the USA, what did you eat for Thanksgiving?  Do you and your family have any traditions or Thanksgiving rituals?  

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