Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Open Book and CavePaper

Last night I was at Open Book for my monthly Visual Journal Collective meeting with Roz Stendahl and friends.  Before the meeting started, I was looking in the main part of the first floor at the new art displays.  There was a display about CavePaper, which I love.  I've been using handmade journals by that company for years.  They are sold at the MCBA Shop.  I love these journals because they are really sturdy.  The paper can take a lot of paint and glue.  There also is a large, tall size that must by 7.5 x12 inches or so, that really appeals to me.  I've always wondered why the company was called CavePaper, and now I know.  They work in a basement of a warehouse building that is really cave like.  For now, please enjoy the images from Open Book.  Soon I will post all about the Journal Zine Swap that took place last night at our Visual Journal Collective meeting.
 This is the staircase that leads up to the Loft Literary Center, as well as writing studios, classrooms, Milkweed Editions library, and a patio overlooking the city.

 (Click to enlarge photos)

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