Monday, March 28, 2011

Journal Pages from "Initiation"- a class by Juliana Coles

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Here is a two page spread done for an assignment for Juliana Coles' online class called Initiation.  Juliana is really good at pushing her students to dig deeper.  Have I mentioned that already on this blog?  I probably have, but I am so impressed with what she does for her students.  The thing that I see changing in my journal artwork is that I am much less afraid to cover up something that I've already created.  I can now see that those extra layers just make the pages all the more interesting.  It is okay if you can't read every word that you wrote.  It is ok if you can't see under your first layer of paint.  It is ok to write over your writing, or paint over your writing, and then draw on top of that!  You get the idea.  If you are interested in finding out what Juliana is teaching next, you can go to her Ning site called Institute for  Extreme Visual Journalism.  Her next class is called Altered States, and it starts at the beginning of April.


Lynn Fisher said...

Gorgeous pages Briana! I had a class with Julianna Coles at ArtFest and it was the best and most challenging class in journaling I've ever head. It was as if my creativity was let lose from within me. Have fun : )

Simply Smith said...

your spread looks amazing! I love the brightness! I really enjoy layering, and find that it's a big part of everything I do!


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