Monday, July 20, 2009

Recent Altered Book Page

This recent book for the altered round robin really cracked me up. It was retitled by the artist "Through the Keyhole: Travels Within". (MaryAnne Bloom was the clever artist who thought of this theme for her round robin book). Anyway, there were a couple of pages in the real book about taboos in the American culture. One is the "nakedness taboo". There was info on nudist camps. The book explains how the people who attend them are really not that unusual; they've just become comfortable breaking the "nakedness taboo" of the culture. All other taboos are in place, such as inappropriate touching and display of the body. Any behavior such as this would result in expulsion from the nudist camp.
I thought it was amusing when the book said that newcomers are not impacted by the nudity around them; they notice more their lack of pockets!

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