Saturday, July 25, 2009

SUPER Saturday

Steve Tomashek at the fair.
(Not sure why, but this picture didn't get placed in the correct spot in this post. Please read on to see more info and photos below).

Art Fair at St. Kate's

love these colorful banners

isn't this button idea clever? all jewelry and belts, etc. were made out of buttons!

I loved this display at Steve Tomashek's booth. I bought a little yellow bird.

I chatted with Steve briefly and he was really nice. When I asked him if he was inspired by folk art, he said that he'd been carving since he was a little kid. He thought about becoming a cartoonist when he was younger, but also was interested in folk art when he learned about it in school. He has now sort of combined the two. His work was witty, colorful, and fun! Check out his website.

Steve's booth at the fair.

I went to the fair just for this woman's work.

Gena Ollendieck in her booth at the fair.

Gena makes leather bound journals, photo albums, and mixed media assemblages.

Love the ORANGE heart!

Gena uses all kinds of metal scraps, elements of nature, and old photos in her work.

I think the old silverware looks so cool!

cicada n: a stout-bodied insect related to the aphids that has a wide blunt head and large transparent wings

dragonfly n: any of a group of large harmless 4-winged insects

I thought the dragonfly flew on my head, but it did not.

The kitty has the cicada!

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Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Oh I love those pieces with scraps of metal. Looks like your cat found lunch! YUM! LOL


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