Monday, October 13, 2008

The Kitten and the Big, White Machines

Once upon a time there lived a kitten.  She was long and lean.  She was nicknamed Weasel because she liked to weasel her way under things.  This little kitten-weasel decided that she was curious about something.  She wondered what was behind the big, white machines.  She flopped right down the narrow passage behind one of the big, white machines.  Once she got down there, she stayed very quiet.  Her brother stood on top of the big, white machine and looked down at her.  The Human Mommy called and called for the little girl kitten, but she didn't answer. The Human Mommy was no fool; especially since the Boy Kitten was giving away a big clue as he stood on top of the big, white machine.  So, the Human Mommy peaked behind the dryer, then behind the washer, and she saw two little eyes looking through a crack.  It was the little Weasel-Kitten!  The Human Mommy went to get a towel for the kitten to climb up, but by the time the Mommy was ready, the little Weasel-Kitten had made it on top of the dryer all by herself.  The End

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