Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Update

 Yesterday, it was hot and humid.  My hair went a little crazy.  

 My sweet friends told me about a garage sale they were having and asked if I wanted to come over for a pre-sale.  I got a whole wardrobe of maternity clothes!  I am so, so grateful.  

 I rarely wear flip flops or sandals, but yesterday was hot, and I just didn't feel like wearing socks and shoes.  

 More pics from my garage sale treasures.

Decided to throw in an abstract photo I took with Instagram this morning. 

I loved the safety pins and tags on the clothes I bought from the garage sale.  After taking this photo, I pinned them to a piece of paper that I plan to put into a pregnancy journey journal.  

How has your weekend been?  Any adventures or treasures to share?  Leave a comment below.

1 comment:

Lynn Fisher said...

Garage sale maternity clothes...very smart.
Weekends...they are going way to fast my friend!
Here's to you being done with school for a bit!


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