Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Header

I made a painting this morning based on an idea I had upon waking. I liked it so much that I used part of it as my new header for this blog.  For those of you who were here looking at the header from yesterday, which one do you like better?
Thanks for sharing your opinions!

                                          ART, BOOKS, AND INSPIRAITON
Header from Saturday (No. 1)

Header from Today (No. 2)

Which one do you like better?

I appreciate your feedback.

This is the painting.  I am not sure if it is finished yet, but I am enjoying it as is right now.


Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

oh man! love them both! but the ribbons of color captured my heart first. :)

Kimberly said...

I like the newest one best!

Michele Bergh said...

They are both fun and creative. The top one is easier to read for me:)

Claire said...

i have to say i like the first one better... just popped over from your shop - so glad to have found you :)

Jon Weinberg said...

Tis the season for vivid colors. Today's header says, "courageously creating in the summer (and maybe the fall, winter and spring)."

Lindley @ Amethyst and Amber said...

I'm going to be difficult. I love the top one, it's easy to read and the color just does it for me! The bottom one is hard for me to read, but I love the tagline included in the second one.

Shawnty said...

Number 2 is my favorite, goes great with your fonts too:-)

Kathryn Hansen said...

i like the first one from seems more calming and i like the color

Galit said...

I'm a new visitor so I haven't seen your last banner (As a banner, saw it just here on the post) but I really like the new one!!! Dazzling colours and gives so much energy!!!
Beautiful work!

Briana said...

Loving the comments and feedback. Thank you, thank you!


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