Monday, May 2, 2011

Goddess Leonie's Business Goddess E-Course is Released!!!!

Goddess Leonie, the creator of, has written a glorious new e-course to help all aspiring business goddesses out there!  Goddess Leonie supports herself, her husband (who is in school), and their baby.  She is full of ideas and strategies that she is thrilled to be sharing with those of us who are yearning for this type of information.  My recommendation would be to become a member of the Goddess Circle, and that way you get the new e-course, as well as all of her previous e-courses and guided meditations.  Did I mention that Goddess Leonie is from Australia and has the most glorious accent??  So, if you are wishing to start your own business, and you'd like to get a lot of tips in doing so, I highly recommend this How to Be A Business Goddess E-Course by Goddess Leonie Allan.  I am printing the 149 pages right now, as I type this blog post!  EEek!  I am so excited.  Thank you Goddess Leonie for making such cool material and sharing it with the world!!!!!

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