Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pizza and Burritos

Why is it that I struggle so much with figuring out what to eat for dinner?  
Here are some answers I came up with:
I don't shop for groceries on a regular basis
I hate to spend money on food
I don't have a weekly meal plan
I'll eat almost anything
I secretly hope that my husband will cook, because he is so good at it

Here are some positives to not knowing what I'm going to eat for dinner:
The options are always open, so a spontaneous night out is no problem
I can eat what I'm craving, not what was planned
It forces my husband and I to have a daily phone conversation around 5pm
I don't always have dishes to do after dinner because a big meal isn't always made!  
(I think I like that one the best!)

Hope you have a nice dinner and a great night!

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