Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reflection on Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  It was a mostly sunny day, which is always nice to have in the middle of the winter season in the Midwest.  My husband and I decided to spend the day together.  I thought we might do something exciting like go to a museum, or take a drive to a nearby small town, or take a walk at a state park.  It turns out that we holed up in our basement for awhile to watch a Wayne Dyer dvd; (my husband took in the information subconsciously, if you know what I mean).  I did enjoy the dvd, but wished my husband had been a little bit more awake for it.  We talked about it a little when we finally ended up on a drive in the country.  
We took an icy and curvy road and went down by the river.  I was persuaded by my husband to get out of the truck, despite the cold temperature.  I am so glad I did get out into nature, because the river spoke to us!  It didn't use words, but we heard the deep moans and pops of the ice cracking!  It seemed to echo off of the walls of the valley.  There were also many beautiful things to see, like the sun setting on the tops of the trees.  There were really cool patterns in the ice.  And if you looked at the ice close enough, you could see hundreds of minnows swimming between a layer of ice that had recently melted, then refroze.  The rusty brown color of the river bottom looked so awesome through the white ice, and the minnows almost looked pink!  To top it off, a bald eagle flew right over us, just when we were about to leave.  It was amazing!  I'll post some photos soon of this Valentine's Day adventure.  
Though the day wasn't quite what I was thinking, I did have several enjoyable moments with nature, my husband, my kitties, and with Wayne on dvd.  Oh and, we decided to use our "fondue for two" set late in the evening, which turned out quite disasterous, but I think in a day or two, we'll be able to laugh about it!  And we all know that laughter is good for the soul!

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